SmartJobs Basic Training

How it works

  • Log on to
  • Click on sign up and select employment training

Step 1: Pre- Sign Up

Read carefully all information on how it works and click on pre-sign up at the bottom of the page to enter your basic information and submit. (nickname not allowed)

Step 2: Complete Registration.

  • Log in with your email/phone number and password obtained from your pre-sign up process
  • To complete your employment registration, supply your bio data information which include:
    1. Upload of a recent Passport photograph
    2. Other mandatory required personal information
  • Click on submit. (welcome to your smartjobs account profile)

Step 3: Employment Training.

  • At this point, step 1 & 2 is completed and your account profile is active.
  • Click on Learn to display the employment training modules and course title.
  • Employment training appear in ten (10) modules (you are required to study each module)
  • On successful completion of each employment training module, you are required to take a test (test mode is online/offline)

Step 4: Test

  • Test access pin code is required for test.
  • you may buy access pin code online using quick teller button or at any State Administrator office closest to you.( click on State administrators dropdown on the home page and select your state to see the state administrator closest to you)
  • Write test by using test access pin code
  • Timely reaction to test is of essence ( Maximum of two (2) minutes for each module test)

Step 5: Test Result

  • Test score is calculated by a minimum of 60% pass mark.
  • You can view your test result immediately (there is no hidden judgment on this platform).
  • After a successful test, click on view test result to see your test results

Step 6: Certificate Code

  • A certificate code is generated for you on a successful completion of all tests modules.
  • You are awarded a Consolidated Alliance Basic Assessment Certificate (CABAC) on the successful completion of your employment training.
  • Your certification code will be required for further/professional training. (keep code secured)
  • Your auto generated e-curriculum vitae is submitted online to all Consolidated Alliance employers for job placement.