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Consolidated Alliance Entrepreneurship and E-commerce in Nigeria (CEEN) is an initiative to promote entrepreneurial e-commerce business in Africa. The objective of the initiative is to promote engagement among stakeholders and support creation of ecosystem that promotes the use of ICT in all aspects of the economy and enhance productivity for improved standard of living. Consolidated Alliance aims to achieve this by working in partnership with Governments, Corporations, Banks, Microfinance Institutions and Mobile Network Operators.

Consolidated Alliance aims to achieve this by working in partnership with investors on entrepreneurial e-commerce and collaborating with NGO’s, Cooperative Societies, Governments, Corporations, Commercial Banks, Microfinance Institutions and Mobile Network Operators.

VIKO NIGERIA GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD is a privately owned limited liability company of Nigeria origin and a heavy player in today’s Nigeria economy with an industry experience spanning over 25 years. VIKO NIGERIA is known for developing business models that align with clients’ strategic objectives to achieve operational efficiencies.

In 2011, Mr. Kanu Lucky Chidi, observed a snug treasure in the service delivery value chain of the tourism industry and came up with a strategy to mine the trove; an ingenious approach that has latent capacity to generate up to 5 million direct and indirect jobs for Nigerian youths; as someone who has founded and incubated a lot of startups, views this as a realm to create millions of jobs in a way never before possible in Nigeria; He is the MD/CEO of VIKO NIGERIA.

By 2012, VIKO NIGERIA applied for concession to Bicourtney Aviation Services, operators of Murtala Muhammed Airport 2, (MM2) Lagos; to implement the first stage of the CAYEP initiative at final departure lounge.

In 2013, approval was granted by Bicourtney Aviation Services to set up customer service desk (car-hire) for departing passengers on pre-booking service to various destinations. This seamless service added value to airport activities in MM2 Lagos and the other arrival terminals; and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria [FAAN] subsequently granted concession to extend the service to the General Aviation Terminal {GAT1} and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja.

In 2014, the initiative blossomed, and grew rapidly as over 500 direct jobs were provided for youths (drivers) in airport taxi real-time online pre-booking operations, while about 1500 youths were trained and empowered indirectly as business owners/entrepreneurs as vital ancillary services in the tourism service delivery value chain, CAYEP.

In 2015, sequel to the tremendous successes recorded as a private sector initiative, the board of directors [VIKO NIGERIA] recommended a partnership with the Nigeria Tourism Development Commission NTDC, to extend the customer service desks into dual function as Tourism Information Desk [TID}, in all the 21 airports in Nigeria.

Following the harmonization of the partnership with the NTDC under a Public Private Partnership to set up TIDs at departures and arrivals of all the 21 airports in Nigeria, we have been able to equip five arrivals of the 21 airports with TIDs, under a 24hrs operational capacity and without any financial cost to the government [NTDC]. However, this falls short of CAYEP vision – to speed up the process to assimilating the thousands of trained and empowered youths it churns out suffice it, the partnership VIKO NIGERIA seeks with government as mentioned in our NEED STATEMENT.

Upon the commissioning of the TIDs with the NTDC, VIKO NIGERIA has secured and sealed valid contractual agreements with reputable and relevant organizations as partners to guaranteeing proficiency in the delivery of [CAYEP] initiative.

In view of these, it signed an M o U with the Federation of Inter-state Bus Associations of Nigeria and Federation of Private Taxi & Car - Hire Associations of Nigeria wherein we have structured Tourism Information Centres [TICs] in all parks, terminals, railway stations and travellers’ loading bays throughout Nigeria. In these exist about 300,000 direct jobs and 2million indirect jobs.

Second, CAYEP partners with Stanbic IBTC Bank, as the Programme banker; and individual bank accounts were opened and funded by VIKO NIGERIA for these trained youths, to facilitate their business transactions on the platform; and a customized Consolidated Alliance ATM Debit Cards also issued them by the Stanbic IBTC Bank.

Further, it has also signed MoU with Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria [FTAN] in collaboration with Nigeria Hotels Association, for real-time online hotel booking and placements – a unique and innovative tourism experience. This alone has about 200,000 direct job and 3 million indirect job placements.

Whilst making progress in the areas highlighted above, another Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was sealed with Interswitch Limited, an e-payment gateway provider; which has resulted into full integration of all Consolidated Alliance Platforms for collections via bank branches, ATM Machines & quick teller web payments

In addition to these milestones, VIKO NIGERIA was, on the 17th of November 2015, given an award in Abuja, as the best E-Commerce Innovation Company of the Year in Africa, by Afritex Index; a recognition for the VIKO NIGERIA’s contribution towards ICT development in Africa.



Consolidated Alliance for Youth Empowerment Programme [CAYEP] is an Entrepreneurial Network Business Strategy that deploys e-commerce multi booking platforms with emphasis on pre-paid services functioning as catalyst for discount commissions through a co-ordinated tourism service delivery value chain and other related industry. Sustainable Smart Jobs Training Manual is designed to reflect the entrepreneurial network business strategy of CAYEP; to expose a fundamentally people-based activity and explain ranges of identified mechanisms for increasing the proportion of income that reaches the beneficiaries. The Training Manual is aimed at three main audiences; Students with Special Needs, Under-employed Youths and Unemployed Youths between the age of 18-45 within the thirty six States of Nigeria and FCT. It is an improvement on the existing training, to help them understand and identify Smart Jobs opportunities in the Tourism Service Delivery Value Chain; to enhance common understanding and commitment about Sustainable Smart Jobs and to demonstrate how it is a vehicle to foster economic and social growth. Tourism Service Delivery Value Chain is one of the largest and fast growing economic sectors in the world, and is responsible for 9% of global GDP and accounting for 29% of export in services worldwide (200 Million Jobs). In recent years it has seen significant growth which forecasts to continue, especially in developing countries like Nigeria.


Sustainable Smart Jobs is a multi-faceted job recruitment and employment programme to enhance capacities for sustainable employment development in Nigeria. It is a recruitment and Employment Strategic Plan designed by Viko Nigeria Group of Companies Ltd [VIKO NIGERIA], through its Consolidated Alliance for Youth Empowerment Programme (CAYEP). More than five (5) million new job vacancies exist on the programme and needs to be occupied with the collaboration and support of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Consolidated Alliance for Youth Empowerment Programme [CAYEP] is an Entrepreneurial Network Business Strategy that deploys a ICT e-commerce multi booking platforms with emphasis on pre-paid services functioning as catalyst for discount commissions through a co-ordinated tourism service delivery value chain and other related industry. CAYEP mission is to deploy its platform to support the efforts of the Federal Government to empower unemployed youths, physically challenged, internally displaced persons [IDPs] (18 - 45 years) in Nigeria, with great emphasis on women and the physically challenged, through training for direct and indirect job placements. It is therefore our patriotic desire to collaborate with the Federal Government in this unique Programme with a view to improve and enhancing capacities for sustainable employment development In Nigeria. At present, VIKO NIGERIA in partnership with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) has procured, installed and equipped Tourism Information Desks (TIDs), at five international airports in Nigeria (Abuja, Enugu, Kano, Lagos and Calabar) at no cost to the Government. These TIDs have created over 5000 direct job vacancies and 25000 indirect job vacancies – with each capable of fetching approximately N18,000 and up to N300,000.00 monthly earnings. Upon the proposed collaboration and expansion with the TIDS functioning in all the 21 airports in Nigeria, figures above will multiply. Available records from the National Bureau of Statistics [2014] show that, air transport passenger traffic stood at 15.3 million passengers, for both domestic and international arrivals in Nigeria. It is estimated that about 80% of these passengers will patronize Consolidated Alliance real time online platform in all services (flights booking, airport taxi, hotels booking, and interstate bus bookings) with total transaction value of over N300bn on annual cash flow. The road transport sector accounts for 90% of the total transport sector’s contribution to the GDP. This huge passenger traffic market share in the tourism service delivery value chain is what the CAYEP SMEs leverage technology to permeate Consolidated Alliance platform. The multiplier effect of this Recruitment and Employment Strategic Plan is not limited to the creation of direct and indirect jobs in Nigeria, but will also act as a great stimulus to the economy, increase in revenue from taxation and also offer a unique and unprecedented social provision to those who cannot work but need our collective social support.